Monday, July 28, 2014

Day 208: a pile of tires

27.07.14:  when this idea popped in my head, I was gonna draw Jon Pay or some random gangster, but back on day 202 (and consequently day 205) I was challenged by my sister-in-law to draw more "strong, in charge, powerful" female characters and I thought this would be the perfect chance to draw one of my favorite characters from Cobb City, Sergeant Linda O'Meilly of the Cobb City Police Department. This is a female character in a 1930s world who has not only gotten into the CCPD, she has also managed to rise to the rank of sergeant!! I think she is extremely kick-@$$! And just to show how much I've grown, she is no longer sporting the mini-skirt I had her in in Jon Pay vs. Machine-Gun Kelley. She is now wears a very practical and nice three-piece, pinstripe suite (not wearing the jacket here or in day 84). I really hope I get to use her in more stories!

     (And by the way, I DO know I am using the quote wrong...)

(All characters © and ™ C. A. Aabø 2014)

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