Saturday, October 25, 2014

Day 297: a laser

24.10.14: it had to be a Star Wars rederence. Amazingly my first one so far and I also want with a character that very few people know about. 

     Aayla Secura was created by Jan Duursema and John Ostrander for the Star Wars comic. When George Lucas saw the character he decided to  make her a character in the new trilogy. Very few characters has made this transition, making her a unique character in more ways than one. (I hope I get corrected if any of these facts are wrong...) As I have had the pleasure to know Jan and she was actually kind enough to try me out as an inker once upon a time (the closest I have ever gotten to have anything  to do with Star Wars), day 297 goes out to her. 

     I will also point out that the issue whether or not a lightsaber is a laser, sparked a bit of a discussion between me and some fellow geeks. I decided that it is!! Say I'm wrong!! Come on, say it!!! I dare you!!

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