Thursday, February 5, 2015

Day 400: a bully

04.02.15: 400?!?!? Really???! Like Bulldog Bob (from day 142) is saying "like taking candy from a...youse knows..." (Was happy for a second chance to draw Bulldog Bob as I wasn't entirely happy with him the first time around...even if he is a bully...)

     As this is another milestone, I will ask again for your top five (top three? Your favorite?) from the last 100. This was something my cousin started in day 100 (and I have since asked the question on day 200 and 300). So come on, let me know!!

     My top five (in no particular order) woul be:
Day 366, I just think it's funny...
Day 329, it came out cooler than I expected
Day 306, features the kids. Both cute and funny, I think
Day 321, cause it marked the halfway point and who doesn't like crazy animals...?
And day 326 as it got inked and colored (and made into a movie...well, it was already a movie... But it did premiere till after I drew tis so I of course take full credit for that movie coming into being!!!)

     Here's to the next 100!!


  1. My top 5 are;
    Day 396: a cranky old man; Walter is the king of Cranky!!
    Day 389: tears; Any drawing that can invoke a memory, as this one did for me, is kinda cool!
    Day 381: a sidewalk; Gus, Gus, Gus!! This guys cracks me up!!
    Day 345: A dumpster; Oscar is my favourite of all Sesame Street characters! Brought me back to childhood times!
    Day 325: chocolate truffle; I may be a bit biased towards Gus, but this one cracked me up too!

    With a special mention to these also!!
    Day 392: a lock; The pure detail in this is awesome!
    Day 319: a computer; This was a pure throw back to true nerd nostalgia - and for such a “simple” concept the detail is very vivid!
    Day 317: a butterfly; Did you think I wouldn’t mention this one!! LOL - Ridire Dáithí de Burca is the king of all fools!
    Day 312: the wild blue yonder; Very proud of you for this adventure mate, seeing your work spread across walls of our city was truly amazing!!


    1. Dave, thanks for your top five and your comments. Day 396, NOBODY beats Walter on the crankiness!! Day 389, still not sure if I pulled off that one, but thank you. Both 325 and 381 were on my list as well. Anything with Jon and Gus (that turns out well) are always on my list. Day 345 I really enjoyed drawing. Actually never watched Sesame Street growing up but they are all pretty much iconic characters. And an extra four... Day 392... Yeah, I like using reference and drawing details. I am sure this comes as a HUGE surprise... Day 319... I just didn't feel like drawing an ACTUAL computer... Day 317... Not even commenting!!😋 Day 312, thank you very much. Am very proud of the pages from the Cork Horror Comic. Thanks to Colin. Alan and the rest of the Cork Comic Creators group for letting me play, and to Buddy for a great script!! Again, dave, thanks for the comments.