Friday, May 2, 2014

Day 122: a bicycle

02.05.14: this is the first request I have done, but when the request comes from a 8 month pregnant woman, it is a good idea to do your best to meet said request. The fact that it was a great idea is besides the point. 

     As for the pink speed demon... Luckily we are not quite there yet which is a good thing, cause I am nowhere near ready for that drama. And of course she has picked the most expansive, least practical bike out there. And the tassels (an afterthought here)is a required must. As is the baby seat for Unga, even if she has already explained that Unga is scared to go in it... Got to love her!!!

     And just in time for the weekend I also present another double-page spread.... Some of these just become bizarre when seen side by side. What do you think?

     Hey, pregnant-one, thanks for the great idea!!

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