Thursday, September 4, 2014

Day 246: A baguette

03.09.14: distant cousins of both the Norwegian trolls and nisses and with a few hereditary ties to the Irish Leprechauns, the French Lutins du Pain are a very curious creature. Like the nisse, they are also famous for their very strange and traditional head-gear. Unlike the troll who turn to stone in sunlight, their hats go rock hard after about a days worth of wearing.  And finally, much like the leprechaun and his gold, don't EVER try to trick a Lutins du Pain out of his baguette...ehm...I mean, hat collection...

     No, I am not sick! And no I am not cold, so stop trying to put that white jacket on me!!... I don't care if it's fancy with all the buttons and buckles on the back... You are right, it is quite comfy...what?...I have to stop typing now? ...but I haven't fini———————

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