Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Day 300: a caribou

27.10: Sven and I are amazed that I have reached day 300!! Yes, caribou is an American reindeer and Sven is supposably a Norwegian reindeer... You know, tomeito-tomato...

     Wow, three hundred!!! I think I missed those hundred. Still I am amazed at having reach this far. Some of these I am not very happy with, some of them I am. My cousin started something on day 100 and he continued on day 200; he listed his favorite top five. I would love to hear your top five or even which one is the most memorable to you. 

     My top five of the last hundred are (in no particular order):
Day 280: spilled milk - I just think Jr is so cute in it!
Day 226: a balloon animal - same reason!!
Day 209: cause now it's true...
Day 218: because I didn't think I could pull it off in b/a and I was very happy with the putcome. 
Day 237: a spoon - because it is a continuation of day 95 and I just like day 95. 

     Three weeks to the halfway mark. 

     Thank you one and all, for show and support. As always, please let me know what you think and see you around for the next three hundred. 


  1. 285 - A Face Full of Character (the detail was beyond awesome!)
    276 - A Frog (because Kermit rules!!)
    249 - Running Shoes (I'm in this one!!!)
    234 - Winter Hats (cuteness factor is just....well too cute!! lol)
    218 - Northern Lights (One word...Gus!!)

    1. A LOT of people liked "a face full of character". I was actually surprised by the amount of "likes" I got. Thank you for noticing the detail.
      276... Seriously, when you say "frog", you hear Kermit!
      249, it was bound to happen sooner or later, wasn't it Dave...?
      234... Had not expected that. To me it's just "one more with the two" so I am REALLY glad that it stands out for you.
      218, is as I already said, one of my favorites, but not because of Gus... I just like how it came out. But Gus is one of my favorite characters to draw.

      Thanks for letting me know, Dave. I really appreciate it!

  2. Day 295: A face full of character
    289: A box of cereal (because we've all dug through the box)
    268: Mom (I love my mom)
    255: A Broccoli (looks menacing and great detail)
    229: A bearded lady (too funny)

    1. 295... You're not alone, Baldwin. 289, also one of my favorites. As my wife says, I am just happy that Junior wins. I like your reason for picking it though. 268, right there with you. Both this one and 269 was tough and a bit emotional to draw. 268 for the same reason you gave and 269, as my dad has been sick for a while and my father-in-law passed away only two years ago. Wanted both drawings to be a little funny/cute but also respectful at the same time. I think I pulled it off. 255, yeah, I hope I get to use mr. Broćolli for some story some day. 229, I just wanna shave that thing off... Glad you enjoyed that one. Thank you for letting me know your top five, Baldwin and for checking out my sketches. Means a lot, my friend. See you back here for your top five on day 400?