Monday, December 8, 2014

Day 341: your least favorite food

07.12.14: the day my daughter was born, my wife was a little jealous when, hooked up to all kinds of equipment in the birthingward waiting for the grand arrival, I was called back to her room as my dinner had been deliveried. Now she knows me very well and she felt more than vindicated when I came back to tell her my meal consisted of fish and mushroom-salad. No joke. 

     Now it is not the combination I don't like. It's the to things separate. So how the universe conspired to ruin my last meal like that, I have no idea. Anyway, there you have it. 

     If you haven't checked out day 326, please do so. I have updated it with the first inked and colored version of any of these sketches. Please let me know what you think of any and/or all of the sketches. 

     Have a great week!

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