Monday, March 3, 2014

Day 62: David Bowie

03.03.14:  finish the lines;
     "You remind me of the babe!"

     "What babe?"

     "The babe with the power!"

     "What power?"

     "The power of voodoo!"

     "Who do?

     "You do!"

     "Do what?"

     "....     "

     Okey, I never considered myself a caricaturist. What I usually do is look at a lot of picture of the person in question, find as many other caricatures of him/her that I can and try to create a character based on all of these. This time around I discovered and owe a HUGE tip of the hat to Ken Knafou ( whose Bowie caricature just inspired me.

     I was never a Bowie fan (love some of his work, but was never a fan... Sorry) but how can you not love The Labyrinth (1986... Now I feel old...), so that's why I went with Bowie the Goblin King!

     See you tomorrow!!

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