Friday, March 21, 2014

Day 80: weeds

21.03.14: "It was said that the spiteful rumors that she had brought upon her husband, the feared Lord Angelbeck's mysterious and bloody death, was what forced the Widow Angelbeck to her own grave. Dressed in her widow's weeds, in which she was she was buried, the deceased widow has been seen in the old graveyard, waiting to bestow on the responsible parties her revenge.
     As the author of this narrative, I had not a single breath to be wasting on such an old lady's tale... Until the night I had the honor of making the frightful acquaintance of the late Ladyship..." 

     And that is why I am not a famous author of horror stories! But again the Widow is wearing her Widow's Weeds! 

     To make up for the above "narrative", I will include the latest double page spread.

     Have a great weekend everyone!

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