Monday, April 21, 2014

Day 110: best friends

20.04.14: this was a no brainer. 

     This one goes out to my wife. She puts up with me spending anywhere from fifteen minutes to two hours a night sketching and posting these drawings. When I did the first drawing of the boss back on day 22, she told me I didn't draw our daughter cute enough. Now several drawings later, she loves it when I draw the boss and her little cuddly toy (who goes EVERYWHERE with us!!). So when the theme if best friends come up, we both know what and/who I was drawing. Honey, thanks for supporting me in this project even when you think I am crazy or when you know I should go to bed instead of drawing. This one's for you and the boss (and of course Unga. We can not forget Unga!!) Thank you. 

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