Sunday, July 20, 2014

Day 200: electricity

20.07.14: static electricity it true love, you choose. And I know the boss is expressing what you are all thing. At any rate, this one IS true!!

     As for the milestone, I am as shocked (no pun intend...) if not way more so than I was at day 100. Things have changed since I started this. If nothing else, we are now a family of four (and a full nights sleep is a thing of the past). I am really (for the most part) enjoy this project, although I must admit it does get tough at times and the result is not always at the level I would like it to be. But, thank you everyone for checking out my doodles for the last 200 days. Hopefully I will make it all the way to day 642...

     On day 100 my cousin accidentally put something in play, so I am repeating it here on day 200: out of all the 200 sketches which are your top five (or if you don't have time for five, I'll take three. I will even settle for your favorite or the one you for some reason remember the most). Hope to hear from a lot of you. Thanks again for sticking around!

     (By the by, my top five are (for different reasons):
Finally I am torn between day 95: a cinder block and day 79: a teapot)


  1. For me it has to be;
    Day 2 - Hammock (cause I'm a lazy bas**rd)
    Day 29 - Roller coaster (The detail was unreal!)
    Day 58 - Mime (come on, who doesn't love a good mime!!)
    Day 150 - Watermellon (beyond awesome drawing!)
    Day 176 - Christmas Tree (Too funny, best drawing ever!!)

    1. Thank you so much for the kind words.
      Day 2 was when i decided I better start putting more thought into the drawings.
      Day 29 I believe I ripped off from a few things I did YEARS ago, but a do enjoy drawing Jon and Gus so it was fun to draw them in a new situation.
      Day 58, again Jon and Gus, and I thought I was being very funny...
      Day 150 ( almost made it on my list too. It was the first time I drew my wife and we where in the homestretch of my son being born.
      Day 176 is also on my list. Just thought I came out really cool!