Thursday, July 31, 2014

Day 211: a butterfly

30.07.14: "Ridire Dáithí de Burca lead the dTiarnaí ar an Cosantóirí Lú as they charged na Ridirí Brathar ólta at the Valley an Seacláid. His bravery and ultimate sacrifice went down in the books of Ár Stair Fada as the greatest Amadán Mhór of all and glasses are being raised in his name till this day...just never on the day of Déardaoin..."

     I think I broke Google Translate and I probably own huge apologies to any and all speakers of Gaelic. This is a "reward" to my good friend who answered yesterday's questions within the first 30 minutes of the post going up. Here's to you, Dáithí. Or in the tradition of the dTiarnaí ar an Cosantóirí Lú: anseo a thabhairt duit, tá tú fear amaideach!!

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