Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Day 321: a crab apple

17.11.14: I agree!!! It could very well be argued that this is more of a Apple Crab than a crab apple, but I am more of a marine-cartoonologist than a marine-biologist... Also, I know a crab apple is a bark-tasting hard apple so creating a new breed of crab was more fun!

     A way more interesting fact is that this is in fact the HALF WAY MARK of this project of mine. 321 days of sketches!! Sure some have been late and the quality (or lack there of) has varied quite a bit, but each night for the last 321 nights, the last thing I have done is to post here. I must admit that I am a little proud of this, especially considering I personally thought I would quit after one week. Thank you to everyone who has encouraged me and offered up words of support!! Please keep 'em coming and if you have never left me a comment, please do so. I would love to hear what you think!!  

     See you all for the next half!!

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