Sunday, November 23, 2014

Day 326: an office park

21.11.14: some may say I am cheating on this one, others may say I am ignoring the topic. I say I am being industrious here. A friend of mine asked me for a pinup of his character Bantry Blossom (fully copyrighted and ™'ed so don't even...) whom a movie is being made of. So most of the reference shots I found of Office Parks were areal shot, I figured, why not have her do a fly-by. And those of you paying attention, yes that is Malta Office Park II and anybody who knows anything about the Bantry Blossom knows that she always does her fly-bys over Malta Office Park II (on Malta... Not anywhere near Cork...)!!! EVERYBODY knows THAT!!

     (Also, I believe this to be my first superhero-sketch...)

06.12.14: As it was for a friend  of mine who is using it to promote the screening of his movie of the Bantry Blossom, I went back and inked and colored it. I thought it turned out pretty cool. What do you think? (First superhero AND first (George Lucas-)special edition... Granted the Office Park, went missing, but what're you gonna do...)

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