Sunday, May 17, 2015

Day 502: a waterfall

17.05.15: Norwegian Independence Day (or as my American friends say Norway Day). It's the day that always sparks my national pride. With this in mind, the idea which presented itself there and on the page was that of the Norwegian mystical character, Huldra, an almost unnaturally beautiful woman that roams Norwegian woods in the nude, in hopes to lure men down in to the caves of the trolls and the underworld. The only telltale that she is not what she appears, is a long cows tail. A long time ago, I wrote some tails inspired by such legends and tales. In one of them, a half Huldra finds her troll-kin by the three-tier waterfall and that waterfall with a dancing Huldra in front of it, is what I have attempted to draw. Phew, got there in the end.... Hope you like it. 

     Gratulere med dagen og hurra for syttende mai!!

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