Monday, June 1, 2015

Day 516: a houseboat

31.05.15: first off, happy birthday to both my dad and my sister. Hope you both had a great day!!

     Second off, as I launched the Jon Pay Facebook page over the weekend (, I would have been surprised if Jon and Gus didn't somehow work themselves into tonight's sketch. As my penmanship was a little off tonight, I will translate:

Jon:   Gus, I think I'd call that thing a "tent-dingy", not a "houseboat"!!

Gus:   No such thing as a "tent-dingy", boss.

Jon:   Oh, I have to disagree. You are sitting in one!

(And that is why I have Doc Monster write dialog and specifically punchlines for me...)

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(All characters © and ™ C. A. Aabø 2015)

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