Saturday, October 3, 2015

Day 640: a tuba

02.10.15: another perfect Gus moment, where Gus is doing what he does best, being Gus!

     And if you are reading this on posting day, then now it is up to you. The book that promised me 642 things to draw, short-changed me. There are only 641 things to draw. So between now and the next 20 hours, I would like you to suggest thing number 641 (I'll be drawing the last page in the book on Sunday evening.). Keep it simple and don't repeat anything already drawn. I will either randomly pick a suggestion or choose the one that inspires me. Thank you.

     And if you want see more Jon Pay and Gus MacDugal drawings, comic book pages, pin-ups and news from Cobb City, check out and like

(All characters © and ™ C. A. Aabø 2015)


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  1. I want to see Gus, in a contact centre!! I can only imagine what he'd be like in a contact centre in what ever era he's in! LOL