Sunday, October 4, 2015

Day 641: Your suggestions

     This one is a little different, so just go with it. I suggest you view the 3 minute video first and I will explain there after. You agree? Good. Lets go to video...

     For those of you who did not check in yesterday, I asked for suggestions for what to draw today as I was a day short. (NOT my fault!! I triple check! No missed pages...) As a result I had several suggestion (one here in the blog and a few more on FB). Not wanting to leave anyone out, I came up with the this which somehow incorporated all the ideas. And as I did not have a page to actually draw on, I did a time-lapse while sketching on the iPad. A little different but I am quite happy with the result.

     So a special thank you to Dave, Patti, Frank, Angela and Siobhain for your suggestions. I hope you like the result.

     Tomorrow will be the last posting on this blog and I will shed all my tears then. For now, again, I hope you like my little video that reveals ALL my secrets... And hopefully see you back here tomorrow for Day 642!!

     Oh, and here's the day 641: your suggestions!

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