Thursday, February 6, 2014

Day 37: a knot

06.02.14: I thought this one was a little obvious and not to original, but for some reason this is what popped in to my head and that is how I am trying to do these; whatever idea pops first I just run with. Now technically this is called a "Hang mans noose" not a knot, but what are you going to do. And where all these cowboy themes are coming from, I really can't say. I blame my dad for making me read all those Lucky Luke and Blueberry books when I was young (Thanks, Bello!!). Anyway, I did try to do the whole storytelling thing as much a space would allow. You can fill in all the blanks yourself. (But I will tell you this much; it does involve a last-minute-heroic rescue of the intended "hangee" by the girls from Miss. Kitty's saloon!!)

     We have almost made it to the weekend, everybody! One more day! Hang in there!?!

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