Saturday, February 15, 2014

Day 46: a bag of hammers

15.02.14: okey, this one I had to look up to get. Evidently it is a older phrase that at one point referred to the level of a persons intelligence, as in stupid as a bag of hammers. It stopped being used for a while and returned as a phrase associated with looks; ugly as a bag of hammers. According to on PhD I consulted in the matter it refers to people with "faces that have humps, bumps and bits sticking out!". So that is what I went with. Could have called this one hammerhead if I wanted to... Oh, and the actual bag of hammers are in there too!

     Hope everyone is having as nice a weekend as I am having. Nothing beats the Irish country side. This country is gorgeous... when it stops raining...

     Have a great weekend, everyone. 

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