Monday, February 24, 2014

Day 55: Fiji

24.02.14: first off; a major, HUGE, heartfelt apology to anybody from Fiji!!! I am sorry!

     So, here's what happened:

     I look at my wife; "honey?". "Mm?" Her eyes almost glance up from her glossy magazine. 

    "You got to help me with today's drawing, I have no idea what to draw..." The sound of a gossip filled page being flipped, fills the room. "What's the theme?"

     "Fiji... I mean, I've looked at these pictures of beautiful beaches with amazing palm-trees and exotic island. And the colorful culture... I mean WHAO!!!" Another page flips...

      "But you see, I know nothing about the place. I just don't know where to start. You went there, didn't you? What do you remember? What can I draw?"

     The latest chapter narrating every second of the lives of the rich & shameless is finally lowered and the love of my life looks at me; "coconuts!!"


     I must have heard her wrong. "What?!" I venture.

     "The €&@£#'#$¥ coconuts!!! They almost killed us. You couldn't walk two feet without almost being hit by one..."

     So there you have: the dangerous secret they won't tell you about in the travel brochure and the one memory from a once-in-lifetime trip boils down to one thing: coconuts. That is my story and here is today's picture:


  1. That's what I thought when my wife told me the story. Of course I may have taken SOME liberties with the truth... Glad you liked it, Linda.