Sunday, January 12, 2014

Day 12: luminescent plankton

12.01.14: ...yep, told you this was a weird one... Felt like I was back in art-school. And my wife got her way; not every drawing is Jon Pay inspired. This is as far as I think I can get from Jon Pay and Cobb City, although... If the put to the challenge, I am sure (co-)writer Doc Monster will find a way of getting this bad boy in to a story (@Doc: your brain is working on it right now, isn't it?).

     This was fun though. And for those if you with good eyes, yes, I did start out ambitious and had a few more planktons in there. As my kneaded earaser started to crumble along with my motivation, I stopped after one.

     Tomorrow is Monday, back to the old grindstone. Have a great week!

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