Monday, January 20, 2014

Day 20: a pickle

20.01.14: went a little loose on this one. Sorry. If you can't tell, Jon and Gus have been given cement-shoes by Smilin' Frankie Cunzo (again).

     Yep, Jon and Gus (and even Frankie) are back. Don't know if this qualifies as a "Side-step story" and it goes a long a few strips I did WAY back when, but it was there and I had to go for it. At least these strips demonstrate the hate-hate relationship between Jon and Frankie.

     For those of you who can't read my handwriting (and I don't blame you...), the dialog reads as follows:

     Panel 1:
     Jon: This is some pickle, aye, Gus?
     Gus: I know. It cost me a extra nickel

     Panel 2: 
     Jon: Not what I meant, Gus. How can you eat your lunch given our current situation?
     Gus: Frankie said I could... And I figured I wouldn't get a chance later...

(All characters copyright and trademark, C. A. Aabø 2014)

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