Saturday, January 25, 2014

Day 25: a burrito

25.01.14: okey, this one's all on my wife; the one who warned me not to draw Jon Pay every day. I had some things on my mind today and had settle on simply drawing a burrito cause that's all I could come up with. My wife asked me what today's thing was and when told said "so you be having Jon and Gus eating burritos in sombreros?"... No choice! Had to do it. This one for you, honey!

     As for the forced perspective; sorry. Anyone who can find less than ten things with it, aren't looking hard enough.

     Jon's line reads:
     I like thisnew Mexican-themed restaurant ... Even with these silly hats they make us wear. Burrito a little too spicy, Gus?

     Also thought I had to share another double page spread. It's been an interesting week to look back over. Some of these look really weird together. Thank your everyone who keeps checking back.

     Today I say thank you to everyone who sent happy thoughts me and my family. So far so good.

(All characters are copyright and trademark 2014, C. A. Aabø)

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