Thursday, January 9, 2014

The explanation

Hey, I'm Charlie.

I am a graduate from the Joe Kubert school of cartoon and graphic art, inc. in Dover, New Jersey. For years I worked as a professional cartoonist and illustrator. Unfortunately circumstances changed and art has gone from fulltime job to a part-time job, to a occasional job, to a hobby to some thing I do some times. It got to the point were it was almost "that thing I used to do".

Xmas 2013 by brother- and sister-in-law, in an attempt to inspire me to get drawing again, gave me the book "642 things to draw". I saw this as a challenge and since 01.01.14, I have drawn a "thing" a day and posting them for friends and family on Facebook. One of my oldest friends stated early on that this is not good enough and that it should be shared with more people. Thus this blog. 

Will do my best to catch up over the next couple of days and then post on both places at the same time. I hope you find these sketches at least a little entertaining. My goal is simply to apply the writer's statement to "write something everyday" to drawing: draw SOMETHING every day.

Please let me know what you think and enjoy!



  1. Congratulations!! I see I am not the only insane with this.
    On January,1st. I did the same challenge myself - Post every day of the year some drawing, or other kind of artwork.
    I really hope you could achieve your goal ( as me too )!
    I will follow you since now. Good luck!
    my blog is

  2. Hey, Murilo. No you are not the only insane one!! And, yes, it really IS a challange some days. Thank you for following the blog. I had a quick look on your blog (I would recommend everybody to do the same. Murilo has some REALLY nice and impressive pieces up there) . I hope we both can stick with it!!